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Packaging design for Polish crafted coffee company.
Request: to create recognisable packaging with a pinch of Christmas mood
Flyer and logo design for Ukrainian-American business consulting firm
Request: to create color-adjustable simple logo with letter "H" and a flyer to distribute in Ukraine and USA.
Unique and recognisable logo design for Ukrainian photographer. +brand identity & design of print outs.
Request: to create eyecatching logo and vivid brand identity for local photographer. These are used in private photoshoots of the company director.
Company logo design and brand identity for photoshoot agency in Kyiv.
Request: to create an eye catching logo with letter "K", which talks for itself. Company does photoshoots, editing and printing.

Label design for clothing company in Odessa. Request: to create simple label design which corresponds to company's style: mono, easy, no vivid colors.
Discount coupons & promotion design for clothing company in Ukraine.
Request: to create a coupon, which 2 people can share and both get a discount. 1 side stays with a buyer and the other can be given to a friend.